Bite Back! Testimonials

Living in the South, I’ve learned to expect mosquitoes as neighbors. Now, with the purchase of my Bite Back! traps, I don’t have pesky (buzzing) neighbors any longer.

I’ve been trying to use green products to protect the environment. Finally, now I can guard my family against mosquitoes with the environmentally friendly Bite Back! traps.

I bought one of those expensive $800 devices to rid my yard of mosquitoes. It didn’t work and I returned it. Now I use the inexpensive Bite Back! traps and don’t need anything else.

I put the Bite Back! traps out in early spring and enjoy my mosquito-free yard all year long.

I live in a farming area where all the spraying has killed most of the honey bees. Now the only things I use are the Bite Back! mosquito traps. It makes me happy to know I am doing my part to help protect valuable insects like the honey bees. I have not seen a mosquito since I put my Bite Back! traps out.

If you are like me and hate mosquitoes, the Bite Back! trap is your best friend.

I am so impressed with these Bite Back! traps that I have started giving them as presents to my friends! I guess you can say the Bite Back! trap is the gift that keeps on giving (corny but true).

Thanks to your Bite Back! traps, finally, my family can use our pool without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I always hear from my friends in the South about their mosquito problems. Up here in Michigan our season may not be as long, but I think it’s much worse than theirs. Since ordering my Bite Back! mosquito traps I can now tell them they are correct, I don’t have a mosquito problem.

How anything can be as inexpensive as the Bite Back! mosquito larva trap and actually work is beyond me. Thanks for giving us a real working bargain!

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