Frequently Asked Questions

How high should I fill the Bite Back! Trap with water?

Initially fill the trap to within one inch of the top of the funnel. The trap works even when overflowing and also when water levels are low but above the funnel opening.

How often should I change the water?

Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water so we suggest you limit changing the water to only once per mosquito season.

What are the ingredients of the mosquito attractant?

BiteBack! Attractant contains: Rice by-products, Dextrose Anhydrous, and Yeast.

How many attractant tablets should I add and how often?

For best results, we recommend placing one tablet per month into the water in each trap.

How many traps do I need and how far apart do I place them?

Our research shows that 4 traps placed 200 feet apart will cover 1 acre under normal conditions.

How long after I put the traps out will it take to see a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes in my yard?

These traps work with nature to reduce the mosquito population in your yard during a 30-45 day period.

Can I buy less than 4 traps?

Currently the Bite Back! Traps are only sold in boxes of 4. We suggest on small lots that you share with your neighbor to improve your coverage area.

Do I have to pay sales taxes on my purchase?

We are required to collect sales taxes on purchases within the state of Georgia, in the United States. At this time, there is no sales tax charged to shipments outside of Georgia.

How are shipping charges calculated?

We offer Priority Mail Shipping though the U.S. Post Office.
We ship based upon the best price and delivery time, unless directed otherwise by you.

Do you ship to all 50 states?

No, due to burdensome regulations we do not currently ship to the states of CA, CO, D.C., IN, MD, NM, OK, WV, and WY.

Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

Yes. Please contact us at for applicable shipping charges.

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