About Bite Back!

Bite Back!, LLC is a family owned and operated company located in the state of Georgia, USA. The company was originally started in order to bring to market an environmentally friendly, inexpensive, yet truly effective mosquito reduction device invented and patented by one of the owners.

Kids PlayingOur goal is to provide you with an environmentally friendly method to help control mosquitoes in your yard. Bite Back! Mosquito Larva Traps won’t harm beneficial insects, is not dangerous to children or pets, and is easy to maintain.

mosquito_larvaeThe trap works with nature to help reduce the exponential growth of mosquitoes by mimicking their natural breeding areas and trapping the young, emerging mosquitoes. Since the traps are not mechanical devices and use no insecticides or poisons, they do not harm beneficial insects like honey bees and butterflies.

Try it out. Based on customer response, we believe you will be glad you did. Buy Bite Back!

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